An exhibition that examined the world through the photographic and digital works of internationally acclaimed Southeast and East Asian artists.

State-less 無國界 asked what it means to have a complex identity, influenced by background as well as country of origin, how Southeast and East Asian heritage can engage politically, and how it can challenge the wider public.  In this four week exhibition, we examined how these artists make sense of their environment.  What are the tangible borders and invisible boundaries that define their identities?  From Vietnamese refugees’ historical migration routes, urban sounds of Taiwan, post-Tsunami Japan, through to permaculture in Hong Kong, works presented aspects of the region rarely explored by Western audiences.

The artists  exhibited in State-less 無國界 were: Tiffany Chung (Vietnam/US), Tsui Kuang-Yu (Taiwan), Jess Lau (Hong Kong), Lo Lai Lai Natalie (Hong Kong), Donald Shek (UK), Wu Tsan-Cheng (Taiwan), Wang Wei (China/UK), Li Yongzheng (China), Law Yuk-Mui (Hong Kong), Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore).

State-less 無國界 at Two Temple Place was part of the Kakilang Festival 2023, which featured cultural events across London.  The exhibition was conceived and curated by designer, artist and Kakilang Associate Artistic Director Ling Tan with Two Temple Place.

Find out more about the themes explored in State-less 無國界 on the exhibition’s dedicated website.


This exhibition was presented as part of a 2023 spring season, Contemporary Collaborations, through which Two Temple Place worked closely with curating partners to showcasing contemporary work by under-represented artists in our magnificent Grade II listed neo-Gothic building.


Kakilang (formerly known as Chinese Arts Now) produces and presents world-class art, and pioneers multi-disciplinary artforms from a wide spectrum of East and Southeast Asian voices.  Kakilang means ‘one of us’ in Hokkien, and is widely used across East and Southeast Asia, evoking kinship and affinity. Kakilang aims to: bring people together through art; build art that demands equality; creates with artists at the core; generates a space where artforms intersect, inspire, play with and talk to each other; and seeks ways to address larger global issues by engaging people through the arts.  Kakilang runs a year round programme of activities, and an annual Arts Festival.

Artistic Director An-Ting said, “At Kakilang, we are committed to creative collaboration, so we are delighted to be working again with Two Temple Place, presenting the work of these remarkable artists and creating a new context for their work.  Exploring the huge themes of identity, belonging and alienation within this complex historic venue offers new ways of looking and understanding.”

Our partners

‘Super informative and eye-opening. Really liked the audio aspect – it brought the exhibition to life. ’

State-less 無國界 visitor

‘So, so good. Really moving and thought provoking work. Really well curated and cleverly put together in the space. I loved it! ’

State-less 無國界 visitor

‘It is worth taking the time to dwell in the space of the exhibition, for the stories that these works tell not only speak to the fraught histories of colonialism, ecological concerns, urban transformation, displacement and exile across the world, but also of resilience, resistance and our tireless search for a sense of community and a right to belong.’

Wenny Teo - ArtReview

‘An excellent opportunity to get to know cutting-edge East and South East Asian artists...also a masterclass in creative exhibition design.’

Salterton Arts Review

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