Developed from a Summer 2022 research residency at Two Temple Place, this four week exhibition showcased 10 contemporary artists working in sculpture, installation, painting, photography, VR and film.  Each artist produced a brand new body of work in response to the eccentric architecture of Two Temple Place and its complex historic narratives, using the artists’ responses to the building and its ideological challenges to shape work for its rooms.

The research residency enabled them to consider their own processes and gave time to engage with wider creative practices.

The artists presented work as part of Inside were: Josephine Chime, John Costi, Jack Evans, Chloё Louise Lawrence, Gabriela Pelczarska, Joshua Phillips, Sabrina Shah, Yambe Tam, Sam Williams (in collaboration with Hollie Miller) and Yui Yamamoto.

The exhibition was conceived and curated in partnership with Thorp Stavri (Nicholas Stavri & Eric Thorp), a curatorial platform dedicated to supporting early career contemporary artists.

This exhibition was presented as part of a 2023 spring season, through which Two Temple Place worked closely with curating partners to showcasing contemporary work by under-represented artists in our magnificent Grade II listed neo-Gothic building.

Thorp Stavri is a London based curatorial platform comprising curators Eric Thorp and Nicholas Stavri.  They are committed to developing and supporting artists’ practices, and enabling access to art through exhibitions, collaboration, talks, workshops and a regular arts podcast.  An integral part of Thorp Stavri’s vision is the ambition to amplify under-represented voices within the art world, offering the opportunity to exhibit new work without commercial constraints.

Thorp Stavri said, “We are committed to finding opportunities to support, showcase and promote the very best emerging talent in spaces that provoke new ways of seeing contemporary artworks. The opportunity to work with and in Two Temple Place, enabling these ten artists to explore the building through their practice, is bringing to light completely new ways of working and thinking.”

Our partners

‘I really appreciate seeing contemporary art in this environment, it strikes in a completely different way. ’

Inside visitor

‘Unexpected and refreshing’

Inside visitor

‘An excellent collection of pieces, I particularly enjoyed how they connected to the building itself. An innovative use of digital tech...loved the comments from the staff which really helped appreciate it fully.’

Inside visitor

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