The Bulldog Trust

Two Temple Place is owned and run by a charitable trust, The Bulldog Trust. Two Temple Place has a charitable remit and aims to be open and accessible to the public and to all our communities as often as possible during the year, with a range of cultural events and free workshops and arts projects created in partnership with community groups. Two Temple Place also generates commercial income to support this, and to support The Bulldog Trust which runs its grant-making activities through The Fore, also based at the house. Your support for Two Temple Place helps us keep the doors open to make this magnificent historic building a vital public resource.

The Fore

Opened in March 2017, The Fore matches the skills and resources of the business community with the most talented social entrepreneurs across the UK to increase connections, share skills and strengthen society as a whole.

Following a rigorous screening and due diligence process, early-stage charities and social enterprises are offered unrestricted grants of up to £30,000, strategic support and valuable networking opportunities. The model gives smaller organisations access to resources often available only to well-established players, and provides businesses with a pipeline of impactful grassroots organisations to invest in. The Fore model is based on a successful four year pilot designed and run by The Bulldog Trust with the generous support of The Golden Bottle Trust.