REFLECTION is a binaural sound installation inspired by, and created site-specifically for, the Great Hall, and commissioned by Two Temple Place.

Binaural sound is a kind of ‘advanced stereo’, enabling visitors to hear the room ‘in three dimensions’.  The piece responds to the particular resonances, histories and effects of the different types of wood in the room to encourage you to explore, consider and be inspired by the space.


Created by Ben & Max Ringham

Music Direction: Candida Caldicot

Associate Sound Designer: Ellie Isherwood

Actor: Nigel Barrett

Clarinet 2: Nadia Barbosa

Tenor Saxophone: Adam Cross

Clarinet 1: Rachel Elliott

Bass Clarinet: Jessamy Holder



A preview of Reflection ran as part of Open House in September ’22.  We will be returning to the piece in our spring 2023 season – sign up to the mailing list or contact us to find out more.

The piece runs for 15 minutes on a rolling basis. You can take a seat, or feel absolutely free to move around the Great Hall to explore. You can listen again if you’d like to.

You will be listening to binaural sound through our headphones.  These are cleaned after every use, using antibacterial sanitising spray. You are welcome to wear your own headphones, and if you bring these we will soundcheck for about one minute before you enter the Great Hall.




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