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The exhibition needs to be viewed on a laptop or computer using Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

Two Temple Place and Chinese Arts Now are delighted to invite you to discover our site-specific digital exhibition, which showcases new work from four brilliant British Chinese artists: fine artist and singer-songwriter Chloe Wing, augmented reality and architectural artist Donald Shek, former lawyer and performance artist Jack Tan, and composer and creator of a new Instagram opera, Jasmin Kent Rodgman plus new music by An-Ting Chang and spoken text by Daniel York Loh.

Originally conceived as a live exhibition, CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE has evolved into an exciting new arts encounter, experienced in an original digital space. Donald Shek teases out ideas of Chinese diasporic identity and mythology from the history of the venue itself with artwork and giant scrolls. Chloe Wing has created an exquisite a cut-out paper gown and headpiece, representing the invisible and silent feminine presence in a traditionally masculine space and fills the space with her ethereal voice. Jack Tan references the nearby legal chambers and the Royal Courts of Justice, Jasmin Kent Rodgman examines COVID-19 specific racism and Daniel Yok Loh creates a visceral picture of immigration experiences with his incisive words. All these elements come together to create a new way of looking at British Chinese history.

The world of the exhibition has been created using the Unity platform, to create this immersive and interactive experiences. Unity is used in many popular games and by architects when creating digital architecture environments that are easy to navigate.

CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE is part of CAN Festival 2021. Visit Chinese Arts Now to find out more about the exhibition’s artists and see the full festival programme.

Creative team for the Digital Exhibition: Exhibition artists: Chloe Wing, Donald Shek, Jasmin Kent Rodgman, Jack Tan/ Curators: Rebecca Hone, Jodie Gilliam, Erhu musician (Film): Wang Xiao/ Writer (Film): Daniel York Loh/ Designer: Christine 挺欢 Urquhart Director & Composer: An-Ting Chang/ Tech Partner: Ian Gallagher/ Photographer: Johan Persson




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