Mindfulness & Nature: Connection in the City

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Join us for a Sunday-morning mindfulness workshop with The Mindfulness Project. Here you will learn some simple techniques to help you cultivate calm and presence amidst the busyness of everyday urban life.

Many cultures and genres of poets, artists, authors and philosophers have been advocating it for ages – beckoning us to pause and reconnect with what is within and around us. Modern mindfulness has emerged as a formal practice to help soothe our nerves and build our resilience. But mindfulness is also portable and pairs perfectly with the equally therapeutic practice of connecting with nature, which is always right around us. We really just need to pay attention and tune in to our senses in order to connect with our inner and outer worlds. This simple practice can have enormous effects on our wellbeing, as it allows us to self-regulate our nervous system, better manage our emotions, and maintain a sense of balance and connection.

The workshop will be experiential as well as informative, combining simple mindfulness practices, mindful nature connection exercises and an overview of the theory behind the practice and how it can lead to real and sustainable change. The workshop is open to those with or without experience of mindfulness.

This workshop has been programmed as part of a series of events to accompany the exhibition John Ruskin: The Power of Seeing. For more public events, please click here.

About The Mindfulness Project:

Leading this workshop is Emily Mitchell, who is a qualified mindfulness teacher and programmes manager at The Mindfulness Project. She is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness- Based Approaches and Psychological Therapies at the University of Exeter. Emily follows the good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness and has a particular passion for sharing mindfulness with others, equipping them to thrive and live well, even in the midst of stressful and challenging situations.

The Mindfulness Project is a centre in Central London offering secular and evidence-based programmes for learning and practicing mindfulness. They have a team of highly skilled mindfulness teachers delivering 8-week courses to build the essential skills of mindfulness, as well as advanced courses, drop-in classes and workshops on a range of mindful-living topics.

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