Making a “Perfect Gem”: The artists and craftsmen of Two Temple Place

Upper Gallery, Two Temple Place

In this lecture, Barbara Bryant, author of Two Temple Place: A Perfect Gem of Late Victorian Art, Architecture and Design, introduces the craftsmen and artists behind the extraordinary decorative scheme for the Astor Estate Office. In order to realise William Waldorf Astor’s vision, architect John Loughborough Pearson brought together the master craftsmen of the 1890s, including Thomas Nicholls, William Silver Frith, Nathaniel Hitch, J. Starkie Gardiner and George Frampton to create this personal domain devoted to art, literature and history.

Please note, that doors will open at 6pm and that seating is unreserved. The exhibition will also re-open at 6pm, as will the café, which will serve drinks and bar snacks until 6:30pm

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