Fused Glass Workshop: Susan Purser Hope

This workshop led by Susan Purser Hope will introduce you to the pleasure and excitement of working with a new creative material – fused glass.  You will be invited to bring images of what you would like to reproduce.  Then you will sketch your design and place it under a clear base glass.

By applying frits (small glass granules), stringers (glass sticks), confetti (wafer thin glass sheets) and paints you will create and capture your favourite things.  Your panel will be fired in a kiln and part of the joy of working with glass is seeing the transformation of your work pre and post firing – it has its own special magic.

Material provided:
·         Base and top glass
·         All glass materials – frits, stringers, confetti, paints.
·         Paint brushes, adhesive, tools etc.
·         Firing of completed work

What do you need to bring along?
·         Images for your design
·         Apron
·         An enthusiasm to explore and experiment!

Booking essential. Tickets available to purchase online only. Please join the waitlist if tickets are sold out.

This workshop is part of the event programme for The Glass Heart: Art, Industry & Collaboration. The full programme can be found here.

To plan your visit please see the Visit Us page.

*Please note that we are a small organisation, if you want to cancel your ticket within 1 week of the event, we can’t offer a refund but will try to transfer your ticket to a similar event in the future. If cancelling 48 hours before the event, we are unable to offer a refund or transfer your ticket. If you request a refund at any time, you will be charged a service fee by Eventbrite.

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