Conversations in Clay with Bisila Noha & Deen Atger: Wednesday Late: Discussion & Making Session

Join ceramicist Bisila Noha (she/her) and Creative Producer Deen Atger (they/them) for a conversation around concepts of gender identity, art, inclusion and communication.

How can we celebrate forgotten, hidden, erased women’s voices in the last centuries while avoiding a binary approach which leaves so many people behind?

In the last few years we have seen a very toxic mainstream debate around better inclusion of trans people. Purposefully polarized, it is obvious that the debate serves mainstream media to create fights and sell more papers.

How can we work together towards a more nuanced approach?
How can we try working towards inclusive dialogue, listening to each other, and working towards a better understanding of people’s experience?

Bisila and Deen will share their thoughts to open a safe and honest conversation.
They will love to hear participants stories and thoughts to, collectively, reimagining the current narratives.

The session will end with some clay work led by Bisila. In the spirit of how women* have historically learnt and passed on wisdom, the making will be part of the vision of this session: to build community and empower us all.

Participants: cis-gendered women, trans and NB individuals.

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