CAN: Curators' Tour

Jasmin's room view

Join CAN’s Artistic Director An-Ting Chang, Director of Two Temple Place Anneliese Davidsen and CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE curators to discover how the exhibition artists have explored the relationship of their work with William Waldorf Astor’s architectural fantasia on the Embankment.

CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE is an exhibition developed in partnership with Chinese Arts Now as part of their 2021 festival, and originally conceived as a live exhibition, CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE evolved into a completely new arts encounter, experienced in an original digital space.

Showcasing new work from brilliant British Chinese artists, CAN X TWO TEMPLE PLACE examines the nature of very different migration experiences, imagining the journey of William Waldorf Astor who commissioned Two Temple Place in 1895, alongside the largely poor Chinese community who emigrated to the UK from that time.

This curators’ tour will lead you around the virtual space of CAN x TWO TEMPLE PLACE where An-Ting and Anneliese will help you discover the artists within the space.

For more information on the exhibition or if you want to look around the space before the tour please click here.

This is an online virtual event.


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