The Age of Jazz

27th January 2018 – 22nd April 2018

The Bulldog Trust and The Arts Society (formerly known as NADFAS) are delighted to announce their partnership for the forthcoming exhibition, Age of Jazz, due to open at Two Temple Place on 27 January 2018.

Marking 100 years of Jazz reaching Britain, Age of Jazz will explore the impact that jazz had on Britons from 1918. Jazz is well-understood as a soundtrack to the interwar years, but its reception was always complex. In Britain, jazz provoked reactions ranging from devotion to abhorrence when first the idea and then the sound of the music entered the consciousness of the British public in the aftermath of the First World War. While jazz has underscored some key exhibitions on this period in the past decade, Age of Jazz explores the aesthetic and cultural impact of the music on artists and society at large. It examines how Britons encountered jazz and in particular, how art produced in response to jazz represented or influenced perceptions of the genre.

Drawing on the richness of regional public collections throughout the UK, this exhibition will bring together an eclectic range of media from painting, printmaking and cartoons, to moving film, instruments and the all-important sound of jazz.

The exhibition will be curated by Catherine Tackley, Professor and Head of Music at the University of Liverpool and one of the UK’s leading authorities on jazz.