CAN Performance: Every dollar is a soldier/With money you’re a dragon

‘With money you’re a dragon
Without it you’re a worm
Find a place that you can build on
And a way to hold on firm…’

Join us for a unique live theatrical experience within the CAN X TWO TEMPLE PLACE exhibition.  Through videos, avatars and music, this immersive production leads us through the memories of Astor, Two Temple Place’s wealthy eccentric founder, and the journey of Chinese immigrants to the UK over the last 100 years.

Audiences will choose an avatar to travel through the virtual space together as they follow the ethereal Chloe Wing and her songs encountering performances by Wang Xiao, Cheng Yu and Si Rawlinson and incisive text by Daniel York Loh.

Writer & Performer: Daniel York Loh
Director & Composer: An-Ting Chang
Designer: Christine 挺欢 Urquhart
Musicians: Wang Xiao, Cheng Yu
Dancer: Si Rawlinson
Creative Tech Partner: Ian Gallagher

This is an online virtual event.

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