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Two Temple Place is the first London venue to specifically showcase publicly-owned collections from around the UK.

Launched in 2011, the Winter Exhibition Programme at Two Temple Place delivers annual exhibitions in partnership with museums and galleries around the country.

Our 2018 Exhibition Report illustrates the breadth of the programme and cites the success and impact of our exhibitions so far.

The programme is overseen by a high-profile advisory board with a broad-range of experience.

Two Temple Place itself is an extraordinary architectural gem. It was built as an office for William Waldorf Astor in the late 19th century. As a unique venue in central London, exhibitions are intended to raise awareness of both the specific works on display and our partner museums and galleries around the country. The spaces have been fully adapted to accommodate exhibitions, with top grade lighting and hanging systems, security and environmental controls, and conform fully to the terms of the Government Indemnity Scheme.

For the curator, devising a show for the ornate and intricately decorated space is a huge challenge that calls for imagination and ingenuity. Successful exhibitions bring together works in ways that respond to and complement the building’s unique décor, often to stunning effect.

We are constantly looking for new and exciting ideas for our annual exhibitions and welcome proposals from professional curators and institutions. All shows must fulfil our four core objectives (as set out in the Exhibition Report) but, providing these are met, almost anything is possible.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss a proposal please contact our Head of Exhibitions, Rebecca Hone, on 0207 836 3715 or rebecca@twotempleplace.org

‘What a beautiful place! There was so much to see – I feel like I’ve been transported somewhere out of this world!’

Cotton to Gold visitor, 2015

‘A spectacular addition to the London art scene.’

William Morris visitor, 2011

‘One of the Capital’s best kept secrets. Lovely house, first class exhibition.’

Amongst Heroes visitor, 2013

‘Quite brilliant! Exciting and inspiring. I don’t know whether to go home and start painting the furniture or embark on a cultural tour of Sussex!’

Sussex Modernism visitor, 2017

‘It is always a pleasure to come to Two Temple Place and the marvellous exhibitions are a bonus; always of great interest and beautifully curated.’

Cotton to Gold visitor, 2015

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