The loom featured in our ‘Cotton to Gold’ exhibition was loaned from Queen Street Mill Textile Museum







See the Cotton to Gold loom being installed:

Built in 1894 (one year before Two Temple Place), Queen Street Mill in Burnley is the last surviving operational steam-powered mill in the world.

Owned by the The Queen Street Manufacturing Company, the mill is a time capsule of the late Victorian age. It has an engine called Peace, named in honour of the locals who lost their lives during the First World War. Queen Street Mill’s vast weaving shed was featured in a scene from Oscar winning film The King’s Speech and you can see it for yourself…

Address: Harle Syke, Burnley, BB10 2HX

Phone: 01282 412555

Website: Queen Street Mill Textile Museum

Queen Street

Click here to watch footage of the looms being operated at Queen Street Mill in Burnley

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